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 Darkfall guide - a way to both make money and help raising attributes

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PostSubject: Darkfall guide - a way to both make money and help raising attributes   Wed Nov 28, 2012 1:36 am

Log in towns since it is the easiest and safest. Save timber to 1000 and sell it for 5-6k gold. This helps STR and VIT attributes. Herb harvesting helps WTS attributes. Saving mandrake is right thing, since it is the main cope for self buffs and heal others. It is worthy to harvest steed grass with 300g each, it is used for making mounts. It can takes a while if you do not have luck on your side. Mining great helps increasing STR and VIT, sulfur is used for darkfall gold sell spells mainly for attacking types. Iron is for crafting your own supplies of weapons and armors. it is best to start out with just the stones besides the guard towers. Mine the stone and just save the stone and sulfur. Sell the stone after you have 1000 of it then you can get 3k gold for it. Starting out with stone, skill up to mining 75 to darkfall items buy mining mastery and then skill it up on the stone to about 50. by doing so, you will mine at high speed while your stamina is drained slowly and less. Do not mine and harvest anything outside of towns unless your stamina is drained below 25%. You need some running sprinting stamina and fighting stamina in the case you jump.
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Darkfall guide - a way to both make money and help raising attributes
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