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 Event TIME!

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PostSubject: Event TIME!   Wed Nov 12, 2008 5:30 pm

Yep, title says it all. But for now, I'm taking in suggestions for event ideas. I know we have an Event [GM]DrWeil but I just need suggestions.
BUT, for this event to happen, what is required is that each player must recruit or get more people to join this private server. The person must be recommended by you and the person with the highest number of recruited people will get a prize.
And for the event that will happen, certain items will be handed out to those lucky winners.
So, this is the first event that I am holding, the one where the person with the most amount of recruits will be getting a prize.
For the event that I need suggestions for, I need to go over that with FeeLz to see if it's ok.

DISCLAIMER: The people recommended MUST be active on the forums and MUST be active in the game as wel.

You will need To Say His Account name: (Don't Try to Create one By Urself I Can have IP adress)
And his Name

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Event TIME!
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