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 [GUIDE] How to get no lagg

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Do this Guide work for you?
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It just made it worse D:
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Writing it... >.>
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PostSubject: [GUIDE] How to get no lagg   Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:25 am

Step 1: Okey first get up task manager windows - hold ctrl, alt, delete.

Step 2: Now go ingame and bring up task manager again, you should see under

applications theres 'flyff' Now right click it and 'Go to process'

Step 3: This brings you to processes and should have flyff there, right click 'flyff'

than 'set priority' and click 'high'

Than it says using this may curse unstablty, meaning it will slow other stuff on computer

while flyff is on. Press ok and enjoy no more lag I love you

Make a comment, about it work or not x) for me it do. But i dont know with you guys.
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[GUIDE] How to get no lagg
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