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 Some Suggestions for the forum/website

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PostSubject: Some Suggestions for the forum/website   Wed Nov 26, 2008 10:07 am

Ok first of all, then it would be great if the website had a Buffer again. I think you allso have thourth about it, but then ill jsut remind you of it.

Second. It would be great to have a section for Suggestions. So people can come with things that might make the server more popular.

Third. (this might be hard but, it would be great if you would give it a try) It would be great if there were some giants around in Azria. like a Giant Yeti, Giant Augu, Giant King/Prince and a Giant Mammoth. When fighting in azria, do i get a feeling that tells me that i want to kill giants. But the giants in Darkon is getting a little borred. D:
As i sayd, then it would be a hard thing to add in the server (or easy), depends on you.

That was all for now.
Feel free to comment these suggestions or even edit them if you feel so. Wink

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Some Suggestions for the forum/website
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